Corporate Training

Today, most companies have experienced the importance of having staff in an office building certified in emergency rescue skills. Anyone, at any time, can experience a first-aid emergency, and the first step in saving someone’s life is recognition of the emergency. Getting trained in lifesaving skills will allow you to come to the aid of someone in need by being able to identify sign and symptoms of a life-threatening condition. This is even more important in today’s society with these uncertain times.

If you are interested in running CPR, AED or 1st Aid classes for your company, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss pricing and the details of the class. Depending on the class you want to hold, class times can vary from 1/2 a day to full days. We can split the classes into various sessions to accommodate busy work weeks or we can run it all at once (depending on class size as we still need to limit these to accommodate social distancing guidelines). Fees are dependent upon the number of students in a class and whether or not the class is a first-time certification or a re-certification. We will come with all equipment needed for the class: mannequins, AED, 1st aid supplies, books, video etc. We follow strict sanitizing measures, and also CDC guidelines for social distancing. We limit class sizes so every participant has his/her own equipment as well. All you need to do is supply us with a classroom area! Contact us if you would like to hold a corporate training class at your company. Everyone can learn!